TWD: Chocolate Chunkers

Hooray for my first TWD!! So excited to take on new recipes each week…I got the book a few weeks ago (jumping in just now because of vacation) and have been pouring over it ever since. I always feel like baking and sometimes just don’t know what – this is the ideal excuse (and my friends at work are thrilled – inevitably, it all ends up in the kitchen here!) and makes the decision for me.

So, this week we tackled Chocolate Chunkers. I followed the recipe exactly, right down to using chopped chocolate at her recommendation, with one exception – I swapped out raisins for dried cranberries. Reviews from the test kitchen (aka my coworkers) were mostly REALLY good…I did hear word of a comment along these lines: “What, did she just decide to put everything in the cupboard into a cookie and see what happened?” But most voted it a keeper, and one friend even said they were “like drinking a fine wine, with flavor explosions at every bite.” WOW. These are definitely for the serious chocolate lovers and people who like a lot of “stuff” in their cookies!


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