Blog Inspiration – Berries!

I am addicted to food blogs. I read them every day, I bookmark them, I search them for ideas and inspiration. And I ooooh and ahhh at all the beautiful pictures, thinking mine just never seem to come out as good!

In any case, Lemonbasil’s Raspberry and Blackberry Cinnamon Truffles caught my eye. I love cinnamon and berries, but have a love-hate relationship with all things “dipped” or “chocolate coated” (following an exhausting chocolate covered cheesecake pop experience last year…). These looked beautiful and sounded easy, so I thought I would give them a shot – and was so glad I did. The chocolate stayed soft, dipping and rolling was a breeze, and they looked and tasted delish. I tweaked the recipe slightly based on what I had on hand.

Berry Cinnamon Truffles
1/2 cup heavy cream (I used a scant half cup…might have been closer to 1/3)
14 oz fine-quality semi-sweet chocolate, finely chopped in a food processor (I used half semi-sweet and half 85% dark chocolate)
1 1/2 tablespoons cinnamon
Fresh berries – I used blackberries and strawberries
2 tbs unsweetened cocoa powder 



Line a baking sheet with wax paper.

Bring cream just to a simmer, Remove from heat, then add chocolate and stir gently until ganache is smooth. Stir in cinnamon. One at a time, place berries in ganache until fully coated. Remove each chocolate-covered raspberry with your fingers (throw on a pair of plastic gloves if you’d like!)  then transfer to tray. Coat remaining berries in same manner.


Chill truffles on tray until firm, at least 1 hour, then loosen from wax paper. Sift cocoa, using a mesh strainer, over chilled truffles and toss to coat. Keep chilled until ready to serve


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