Posted in August 2008

Baby Shower Part 1: COOKIES!

I mentioned this in earlier posts, but I was co-hosting a baby shower this past weekend…I did go with the mini cheesecakes, and also with two cookie recipes I thought I should share – one a tried and true favorite, the other a new find! First, the tried and true. Not sure where this originally … Continue reading

Blog Inspiration – Berries!

I am addicted to food blogs. I read them every day, I bookmark them, I search them for ideas and inspiration. And I ooooh and ahhh at all the beautiful pictures, thinking mine just never seem to come out as good! In any case, Lemonbasil’s Raspberry and Blackberry Cinnamon Truffles caught my eye. I love … Continue reading

Good things come in small packages

I LOVE my mini cheesecake pan. LOVE IT. Let’s just get that out of the way. I’m helping to host a baby shower in a few weeks, and would like to do a number of mini desserts. What a perfect opportunity to test out some easy mini cheesecakes! (Plus, I don’t get to use this … Continue reading