Posted in July 2008

Friday Night Apple Cake

I hate to say it’s becoming a trend for me…but somehow at the end of a long week, if I don’t seem to have the energy to go out on a Friday night, I can still muster up enough energy to bake. Shocking. I couldn’t decide what to tackle, but was looking for something relatively … Continue reading

(Coco)Nuts about Gelato!

I neglected to take pictures (shame on me), but I found one that I thought worked. Summertime calls for use of the ice cream maker…this is my first of the season’s batches, and it turned out well! Creamy, yummy coconut flavor, and held well in the freezer. Coconut Gelato Ingredients ·         1 cup 2% milk … Continue reading

So much basil, so little time…

For anyone who grows fresh basil, you know that it sprouts like a WEED! It’s hard to keep up with all those wonderful, lush leaves. Seeing as though it was about to overtake the whole patio, I thought it was time to find a way to use some of it up. That, in combination with … Continue reading