Carrot Cake, Take Two

Yeah, to make a simple carrot cake, that I have even made before, it took me TWO tries. Whaaa? It was one of my friend’s birthdays on Saturday, and she loved the carrot cake that I had made for Thanksgiving here – it’s just not your normal run of the mill sort of cake found … Continue reading


When Life Gives You Lemons

Not in that sense. I can’t say I have many sour days here. 🙂 Walking through the market in Santander can be very dangerous. Well, no, make that walking through ANY market can be dangerous…for me, everything looks so pretty and fresh and colorful and sometimes things just jump out at me even though I … Continue reading


As I’ve said a million times before, I love all things cinnamon-y, and snickerdoodles are no exception. I had thought about making them here in Spain quite a few times, but almost all the recipes I found had cream of tartar – something which I can’t seem to find here. Maybe it’s somewhere…or maybe it’s … Continue reading

Playing Catch-up

I have no idea what happens to time. It’s like it gets sucked into some vortex, never to be seen again. Such is its nature I suppose! I have been baking and cooking, but now have fallen so far behind, I figured I could use one post to recap and be all caught up. So … Continue reading

The Dough Also Rises

Oy, bad reference. For weeks I’ve been weighing my love for all things warm and gooey and cinnamony with my ongoing battle with yeast breads, and finally decided to give in and give this lovely looking Cinnamon Pull-Apart bread that has been all over the foodgawking universe a try. And after round 1, I think … Continue reading

Happy Fridays

We eat lunch – almost every day – at my boyfriend’s aunt’s house, with his aunt and uncle and cousin, and sometimes some other family members who roll in. Almost every day. It’s just what we do, and even though some people might think that’s crazy (okay, fine, I did too when I first got … Continue reading

TWD: Pecan Powder Puffs

I decided to make these during a marathon baking day in early March – I was baking a making a bunch of things, and somehow in the middle of it all, I neglected to see that flour was an ingredient. I know. It’s listed in the ingredients, it’s referred to in the instructions, and yet … Continue reading

TWD: Honey Nut Brownies

I have always had a thing about cakey cookies…and by “thing” I mean I don’t like ’em,  I like cookies that are crispy and chewy. I guess I also have a thing with brownies too. I like the crackly top, somewhat dense, maybe fudgy and gooey kind of brownie. So, without seeing a picture of … Continue reading

TWD: Citrus Currant Sunshine Muffins

Woops! Last week came and went and I forgot to post this. Oh well, better late than never! Okay, so based on ingredients on hand, my TWD recipe this week morphed into what I would more call an Orange Cranberry Muffin. No currants (I swapped out orange flavored dried cranberries), and no lemon oil. BUT, … Continue reading